Best Pocket Knife In The World


Best Pocket Knife With Clip

Pocket knives may be the most useful tools ever invented.  It is interesting to say that although they have been used for centuries now they still fascinate in that there is so much we can do with them.  Think of cutting fruit or vegetables,  opening boxes or envelopes,  slicing cheese and meat,  prying,  think of survival in the wilderness or self defense situations.  There are thousands of models with different features for you to choose from.  Pocket knives are constantly being improved and the knife you have now is probably already old fashioned. 


How To Carry a Pocket Knife

This is why people love pocket knives – they can be put in your pockets,  in the car or in the purse.   Next,  you may prefer to have a pocket knife on your keyring or even on a necklace.  Whichever way you carry a pocket knife it is important that you do not lose it due to carelessness or poor clip quality.  When it comes to clips,  the story goes back to 1981 when Spyderco first introduced their innovative clip called CLIPIT.  The clip was meant to help pocket knife fans carry their tools clipped to pockets or clothes.  It works in that the knife is carried inside the pocket and the clip stays outside.  Depending on the design,  knives can be carried with their tips up or down,  low or high,  on the right or on the left side.


The Best Choice


With so many different models of knives on the market choosing a pocket knife may be a tough job.  Not only you must look for good quality blade and handle but also for a good,  solid clip that will keep the knife in place as you do not want to get hurt or to lose the knife while walking.  If you are ready for that new pocket knife then consider the following best brands and models with clip


Spyderco Delica 4 – one of the most popular pocket knives with excellent features.  Delica 4 comes with steel blade,  ergonomic  fiberglass nylon handle for the most comfortable grip and with an interesting opening mechanism patented by Ernest Emerson.  The mechanism allows you to quickly open the blade when you pull the knife out of your pocket.   Spyderco pocket knives normally come with clips and Delica 4 is no exception.  The clip on this pocket knife is a four-way clip which means you can carry the knife with its tip up or down,  on you left or right side.


Spyderco Endura – another one from Spyderco for everyday carry.  This is a superb pocket knife with blade  made of VG-10 steel ,  razor sharp with an ergonomic handle for secure grip.   As with other Spyderco models this too comes with a clip for carrying it in four ways.


Kershaw Leek – a perfect best pocket knife in the world with beautiful design and excellent features.  The blade is made of sandvik stainless steel with a black DLC coating.  Not only will this knife do all kinds of jobs perfectly but it will also be secure in your pocket due to the removable clip.  The knife is razor-sharp and very thin so it can be carried in pockets.


When carrying your knife remember that in some states knives are not allowed so do not expose the pocket knife too much.    When choosing your next pocket knife go for the best blade and handle materials,  the design and before buying it think of the ways you plan to use and carry the knife.  Remember that for every person there is a perfect pocket knife you just need to find yours. Good luck!